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Proper materials selection and combination are the corner stones in the process of developing an adequate balance between style and function. 




Acrylic (Polymethyl-Methacrylate or PMMA) is an amorphous thermoplastic which is optically transparent. unaffected by moisture. and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Common trade names of acrylic include Plexiglas®. Lucite®. and Acrylite®.

Besides the clear material Acrylics comes in many different colors, textures and finishes. from the plain solid colors to the translucents, frosted, mirror and many other specialty options.

At M2X we have the technology to CNC cut to precision, heat bend and weld Acrylics in many different shapes and forms only challange by the creativity and imagination of our design team and our customers.


 Expanded PVC


A foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet whose outstanding combination of properties make it perfect for store fixtures, point of purchase displays, exhibits, signage, kiosks, store displays, dimensional letters, and more.

The printable surface is a smooth matte finish that makes it ideal to paint or laminate to secondary substrates. EPVC also has good fastening characteristics making it optimal for stage prop design, cabinetry and other wood replacement projects. Sheets are lightweight, easy to cut, die cut-able, and  is recommended for industrial and commercial signage. It also readily accepts virtually any form of graphic overlay (digital and screen).


HDPE Polyethilene


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) offers excellent impact resistance. light weight. low moisture absorption. and high tensile strength.

Polyethylenes offer excellent chemical resistance, good fatigue, wear, and moisture resistance.

This is our favorite outdoor material, we can process it into many shapes and it's design to stay outdoors for many years with very low maintenace.


Aluminium Composite Material


 (ACM) is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. ACPs are frequently used for  for signage, arquitectural numbers and displays. This is a super light but structurally sound material with many possible finishes including Gold,silver and stainless steel. 

Wood products


From exotic veneer MDF, to Baltic birch Plywood to hardwood. We design, cut, finish and fabricate sheet stock wood products into many self inspired and customers specs designs ranging from trays and displays to furniture and art pieces.

We also collaborate with high end woodwoorking artisans to mix and match space age materials with the warmth of traditional wood craftmanship in the process of developing standout design full of character and distinction.

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